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Sport Megastore is a part of the Fruugo.com.Ltd. global stores network

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About Sport Megastore

Sport Megastore is a global marketplace that makes cross border shopping easy!

At Sport Megastore you can buy from global retailers in your own language and currency, using recognised payment methods without needing to calculate exchange rates or shipping costs

Like all marketplaces we act as the platform provider and commercial agent of our retailers who have authorised us to conclude agreements for the sale of products on their behalf.

We hope you find what you’re looking for!

Sport Megastore is part of the of the Fruugo.com Ltd. global stores network.

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Sport Megastore

Fountain Street House
13 Fountain Street
LA12 7EQ
United Kingdom

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☎ +44 (0)161 938 0150

Sport Megastore is registered as Fruugo.com Ltd in England and Wales, Company number 06553460


Please do not return goods to this address and instead return them to the address given on your returns form. Sending goods to our offices will significantly delay the processing of your return and any refund due.